Wheel adaptor

WINDPILOT adaptors operate on the same principle as a disk brake. The transmission lines are led to a drum that sits on a disk fastened to the wheel itself. The position of the drum on the disk is infinitely adjustable, so fine trimming the course is simple. Provided the clamps that hold the drum to the disk are not overtightened, the drum will slide when overloaded and protect the rest of the system. The cutout in the centre of the adaptor measures 10 cm/4 in, which is ample room for any Whitlock/Edson wheel lock or the large hubs of older wheel steering systems. The adaptor works with 5,6,7 and 8 spoke wheel steering systems.

Tiller fitting

The WINDPILOT tiller fitting screws into the top of the tiller. Self-steering can then be engaged, adjusted and disengaged simply by moving the transmission chain.


The crossbar is used where the angle of the transmission lines at the stern would otherwise be unfavourable for good steering performance, which in practice usually means canoe stern yachts and those with an open stern and bathing platform.

Aries mounting adaptor

We have developed a special mounting adaptor for use on boats previously fitted with an Aries windvane gear. The adaptor clamps on to the existing Aries mounting tubes, so your WINDPILOT will be ready to use in just a few minutes!

Aries Adapter