Mode of operation

Bevel gear linkage for automatic yaw damping - oversteering impossible  
Windvane infinitely adjustable for different wind strengths  
Catch to hold windvane on centre  
Infinitely adjustable force transmission    
Power-clutch - easy to engage and disengage even under load  
Infinite course adjustment (manual)      
Infinite course adjustment (remote control)    
Pendulum rudder lifts up 170 degrees from working position      
Overload protection for pendulum rudder - adjustable friction clamp      
Auxiliary rudder removable      
Pin for autopilot pushrod as standard      


Flange system with extension F0 - F1  
Multivariable flange system MF0 - MF5  
Multivariable tubular system  
Mounting components accommodate transom curvature - no high-stress areas      
4 bolts to install, 1 bolt to remove  
4 bolts to install, 2 bolts to remove  
8 bolts to install, 2 bolts to remove  

Force transmission

Short transmission paths with just a few blocks    
User-friendly tiller fitting with stainless steel chain    
Infinitely adjustable disk-brake style wheel adaptor with built-in
overload protection
Optional crossbar for problematic transom shapes    


Hard anodised seawater resistant AlMg5 aluminium      
Low pressure diecasting      
CNC machined      
Linkage components - silicone aluminium bronze alloy      
Stainless steel pushrod      
Low maintenance POM and PTFE bearings      
Pendulum rudder - epoxied Western Hemlock      
Buoyant Auxiliary rudder blade - PE with PE foam filling and stainless
steel shaft
Windvane - 6 mm marine ply AW100